About Charles A. Hones, Inc.

Charles A. Hones, Inc. started in Brooklyn, NY back in 1911.

The company had a little storeroom shop in which it catered to the plumbing industry by manufacturing soldering furnaces to heat coppers (the irons used to melt a solder/flux mixture). By the early 30’s, the family moved to Baldwin, on Long Island. The original Baldwin building was an old duck farm where the separate buildings were joined together with covered breezeways. The company remained in Baldwin for over 40 years as it gradually came to serve primarily the metal working industry by manufacturing gas burners, heat treating furnaces and metal melting furnaces.

In 1974 we moved to our present location, a modern industrial building in Amityville (yes, that’s Amityville!) on Long Island. We own a moderate size building of some 11,000 square feet in an industrial park; it serves as both office and manufacturing space. Here we have evolved into a successful niche operator, supplying casting ovens, small heat treat ovens, melting equipment, forging equipment and gas burners to tackle heating projects ranging from black oxide tanks to pottery kilns, crucible pre-heating to lobster cookers. We specialize in designs which take full advantage of our wellcrafted Venturi air mixers to provide intense heat without the noise and complicated piping of forced air.

The Hones family owns the business and runs the business; 5 of our 9 employees are family members. The guys who help customers figure out what equipment they need and troubleshoot with them when necessary, write quotes, and answer questions are father and son: Mike and Rob. Mike’s sister, Susan, manages the office. Mike’s other son, my brother, Richie, builds our furnaces with a small team of craftsmen, and my wife Shelley designs our catalogs and flyers on her Mac at home. For nearly 100 years the Hones family has manufactured quality gas equipment of cast iron, firebrick, and steel here at home on Long Island, where six generations of our family have had the pleasure of living.

So why is it called a BUZZER?

It was late one evening in the early 1900’s, and founder Charles A. Hones had been indulging his passion for testing his newly developed Bunsen burners in the kitchen of his Brooklyn apartment for hours. Now in those days, the gas supply was a far cry from what you’d find in a contemporary kitchen. The old Brooklyn “water gas” was valued at only 440 BTUH/ ft3 compared to the 2500 BTUH/ft3 rating of modern propane and was used more for lighting than heating. It also contained considerable impurities, causing it to sputter, whistle and pop a bit as it burned. Anyhow, it seems the noise was more than great, great grandma Hones could bear to hear coming out of the her kitchen until all hours. Raising her voice above the din, she christened his burners: “Charlie, its late! Turn that buzzer off and come to bed!”

And so buzzer it was, and remains. We keep calling them BUZZER burners in honor of Charles A. and the dedication to performance that drove him. But you can rest assured you won’t hear a bit of buzz from your burner—the purity of modern gas supply ensures whisper quiet operation even Charlie would have loved.

We are an accommodating company to work with.

We’ve extended terms to 60 days with 1/3 down, rented furnaces very cheaply as temporary replacements for our local customers while their furnaces were being re-bricked or rebuilt, and have even bartered with customers, receiving lobsters, bagels, pottery, cookies, bread, and even micro-brewed ale as payment for either goods or services!

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