Distillery, Beer & Moonshine Burners

Charles A. Hones is pleased to introduce our line of commercial distillery burners, brewery burners, and commercial moonshine burners.  Our commercial and industrial strength round gas burners and radial ring gas burners are perfect for beer, moonshine, and distilled spirit production.

The original distillery gas burner was made by Charles A. Hones, Inc. specifically for moonshiners in the late 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and early 50’s.
According to my grandfather, there burners were sold everywhere east of the Mississippi primarily in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and West Virginia by two salesman who had connections with these early “crafters”. When smokeless and odorless propane became the fuel of choice, this 60,000 btu/hr gas burner became the burner of choice to elude government reveneurs and other federal and local authorities. Those days may be gone and the Z-63 distillery burner has been replaced by our higher BTU burners required by modern day distillers.
If you are considering starting a brewery or distillery and require quality American made gas burners, give us a call at 631-842-8886 or visit our website at www.charlesahones.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours truly, R. Michael Hones – President.

Our line can produce 30,000 BTUs to 500,000 BTUs and is capable of heating 25 Gallons to 500 Gallons of alcohol product.

Our distillery burners, beer brewing burners, moonshine burners are designed AND manufactured right here in the U.S.A., made of rugged cast iron, designed to last for years and years of heavy duty use, and can handle high capacity production requirements.

Charles A. Hones is proud to have over 103 years of industry experience and service making the finest gas burners, heat treating furnaces, and melting furnaces during that time.  We are proud to have endured and thrived during the inevitable contraction and expansion years of America’s manufacturing economy and are now also proud to introduce our new niche in the gas burner business.  The sudden surge of new local breweries, distilleries, and legal moonshiner operations opening up all over the country have created a new growth industry for our product and manufacturing capabilities.  My grandfather once told me this was big business for us “back in the day” and Charles Hones feels this specialty niche is a perfect match for us.

Another surge we noticed last year was the need for gas burners for making maple syrup, molasses, and the like because of wood smoke pollution laws being created or enforced.  These and other gas burner applications have huge revenue potential given the growth and projected growth of the distillery and brewery industry landscape.

We ask that you make us your first choice for gas burners for your industry applications.

‘When one door closes, another door opens’ – Lou Holtz (and Alexander Graham Bell)

For more information, call us at 631-842-8886 or email us at: info@charlesahones.com