Hog Cookers

Charles Hones is the company to call for high quality hog cookers designed for maximum efficiency. We build cookers in small, medium, to large sizes that can easily fit in your trailer or backyard. We also customize cookers for commercial and industry applications.

Our hog cookers have the ideal cooking surface size for accommodating whole hogs and virtually any other kind of food. It features shelves for storing utensils, sauces, and other materials, as well as a sturdy metal frame to keep the grate flat for long term use, unlike cheaper cookers with a metal frame that easily curls and bends.

Moreover, our hog cookers offer various cooking options including gas, wood, and charcoal. Propane tank holders are attached to the system so you have the option of cooking using both gas and charcoal/wood.

For more information, call us at 631-842-8886 or email us at: info@charlesahones.com