Rectangular Gas Burners

All-cast iron burner used for heating tanks, vats, cookers, and many industrial and commercial applications. The Buzzer rectangular burner will outlast and outperform mass-produced burners stamped out of sheet metal when resistance to radiated heat or high temperatures is required. Sizes from 30,000 BTUH to 90,000 BTUH.

Photograph shows a 315 rectangular burner rated at 50,000 BTUH with shut-off valve, cast iron stand, and safety valve (100% shut-off).

Base list price is $691.


• Kettle, water, vat, tank, metal, and oven heating
• Micro brewing
• Heat exchangers
• Cleaning, hot rinsing, and plating tanks
• Evaporators
• Black oxide and quench tanks
• Food processing
• Boilers
• Flame treating
• Scalders

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