About Charles A. Hones, Inc.

Charles A. Hones, Inc. has over 100 years of expertise in Heating & Combustion Engineering. We look forward to creating a design to heat your, or your customer’s, next project. Hones delivers, from a 100,000 BTU burner to 1,000 Pound Tin Melter or a 2350F Cone 10 Kiln, we have you covered.

Simply put, Hones is how heating gets done!

Since 1911 Buzzer has been supplying the following:

Heat Treating Equipment
Annealing / Hardening / Tool & Die / Salt Bath / Machine Shop /

Foundry Equipment
Metal Melting / Sand Casting / Investment Casting / Permanent Mold

Artist Equipment
Pottery Kilns / Jewelry Making / Forging / Glass Making / Sculpture

Gas Burners
Pipe Burners / Ring Burner / Rectangular Burners / Torch Burners

Custom Equipment (non industrial)

Brewery Burners & Kettle Heating / Distillery Burners & Hot Liquor Tanks /Large BBQ Burners / Cookers / Griddles / Corn Cookers / Chicken Singers / Scolders / Pizza Ovens / Bread Ovens / Restaurant Cooking & Specialty Heating Equipment / Fire Pits / Eternal Flame / Gas Torches / Outdoor Fireplaces / Hot Tub Heaters / Sauna Heaters / Custom Commercial Heaters /

Custom Equipment (Industrial)

Cleaning Tanks / Rinse Tanks / Black Oxide / Dying Tanks / Mar-quench / Quench Tanks / Low Temperature Ovens / Kiln Shelves / Hearth Plates / Cast Iron Pots / Welded Steel Pots / Tempering Furnaces. Custom cast components, sheet metal fabrications, mild steel & stainless steel fabrications.

All products are manufactured in the USA by the Hones Family (6 Generations Strong) in our 12,500 sq. foot New York plant. When you call or email you may speak to one of several Hones family members:

Rich Hones – President 5th Generation

Rob Hones – Vice President 5th Generation

Cathleen Hones – 6th Generation

Rich Hones Jr. – 6th Generation

Dominick Hones – 6th Generation

Hannah Hones – 6th Generation

Thank you for choosing Hones to meet your heating needs.