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Temperature Sensing Thermocouples

Type “K” thermocouples for sensing the temperature of ovens, kilns, furnaces, forges, and other high temperature processing equipment. Type “K” sensors (2,250OF) are in stock; other grades are available upon request.

Top item in photograph: standard industrial grade thermocouple with ceramic (mullite) protection tube. Can be used in a horizontal or vertical position. 12″, 18″ and 24″ long thermocouples are stocked. Also available as a duplex thermocouple (two sensors in one housing) for the use of temperature controls and high limit safety controls. 12″ duplex is stock; other lengths are available upon request.

12″ type “K” thermocouple base list price is $150.

18″ type “K” thermocouple base list price is $169.

24″ type “K” thermocouple base list price is $188.

12″ type “K” duplex thermocouple base list price is $170.

Middle item in photograph: new style magnesium oxide insulated thermocouple. This industrial thermocouple will resist both oxidation and reduction atmospheres and offer high corrosion resistance. The type “K” sensor is protected by a layer of magnesium oxide insulation and an Inconel alloy 600 protection sheath (1/4″ diameter). Unit also includes an adjustable 1/2″ compression fitting.

12″ type “K” thermocouple with “plug-in” connection head – Mgo style – base list price is $175.

12″ type “K” thermocouple with cast iron “standard” connection head – Mgo style – base list price is $165.

12″ type “K” duplex thermocouple with cast iron “standard” connection head – Mgo style – base list price is $174.

Bottom item in photograph: replacement 8 gauge type “K” insert. The replacement insert is tig welded on the end and includes the ceramic insulators which keep positive and negative legs apart. Used to rebuild an existing thermocouple. Other lengths available upon requests.

12″ type “K” replacement insert base list price is $37.

12″ type “K” duplex replacement insert base list price is $40.

Buzzer Digital Programmable Temperature Control Package

with FM approved high limit safety control and timer

Buzzer package includes a pre-wired WatlowTM 982 ramping control. The 982 will display both the set point and current process temperature. The control can hold up to four programs, with up to six steps per program. This PID control includes “autotune” capability, one thermocouple input and two 120v outputs.

Package includes 145 FM approved high limit safety control.

The set point is field adjustable and is used to shut down main burner and pilots if high limit set point is reached. Control must be manually reset to turn alarm condition off. Control also includes a 24 hour x 7 day time clock. Timer has both hour and minute hands so that the time settings can be easily verified and reset.

Control includes a 10 amp mechanical relay, providing an output signal to open most combustion valves or power most combustion safeguards. Control comes in a NEMA 12/13 steel enclosure with hand (manual), off, or auto selector switch, fuse, 5″ plug-in cord, type “K” thermocouple sensor, 10 feet of sensor wire, and 10 feet of output wire.

Control set with 12″ straight duplex thermocouple with ceramic protection tube (for ovens, kilns, or furnaces) base list price is $2,520.

Control set with 18″ x 18″ angle duplex type “k” 446 stainless steel protection tube (for tanks, melting furnaces, and molten salt bath furnaces) base list price $2,919.

No. 1818L: Working area 18″w x 18″d x 12″h. Door opens 14″ high. Work load is 75 lbs. of steel. Maximum operating temperature is 2,150 degrees F. Base list price with digital controls and high limit safety is $17,885.

6 standard sizes available from working area of 14″w x 14″d x 10″h up to 18″w x 23″d x 14″h. Special sizes, roll-out quench tanks, air operated doors and fiber lined furnaces are built to order.

Roll-Out Furnace – High Class Cast Iron Gas Burner

Buzzer 450°-1350°F oven type Roll-Out Furnace

We are pleased to introduce our new Buzzer 450°-1350°F oven type Roll-Out furnace, designed for automotive engine rebuilding and ideally suited for cast iron and aluminum engine head repair.

Charles A. Hones, Inc. designs and manufactures the kind of burners and furnaces industrial manufacturers can rely on to be resilient and state of the art. We strive to bring our customers heat treating equipment with specialized features for improved safety and performance.

Searching for a heavy-duty cast iron gas burner or furnace? Since 1911, we have maintained our good reputation by providing outstanding customer service and by producing excellent industrial quality heating products.

How the Roll-Out Furnace Works

Our unique furnace will heat a heavy engine head to 1350°F (cherry red) in preparation for crack repair welding. After the part is welded, it is returned to the Roll-Out furnace to slowly anneal (cool down) to room temperature over several hours. Slow cooling relieves stress in aluminum and cast iron, thus preventing new stress cracks from forming as the work cools. It also prevents the carbon in cast iron parts from turning to carbide and making the metal too hard and brittle to machine. The end result is a casting that is easily machined and repaired.