Melted Metal pouring in a foundryHeating equipment is used by a variety of industries. From manufacturing and refineries to sanitation and breweries, heating equipment is applied in several different ways. We all use heating equipment in one way or another everyday. The meat we eat, for example, is almost always cooked. The plastics we use and the energy we consume all rely on heating equipment in some way. As such, heating equipment is a huge, but not always fully recognized component, of American industry.

We have all heard of ovens, burners, and grills but what about the other kinds of heating equipment. There’s quite a few to go through but here are three major pieces of heating equipment used nonstop across the country:

  1. Baso Valves: Baso valves control the flow of gas from the gas supply and the heating equipment. A safety part, baso valves constrict or even shutdown the flow of gas in case of a system failure. They are simple to install, easy to use, and entirely reliable.
  2. Industrial Burners: Industrial gas burners are large ovens, furnaces, or something totally custom-made used to heat substances on a massive (hence industrial) scale. Temperatures in these burners can reach moderate levels (around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit) as well as high ones (2,150 degrees Farhenheit), and with air-operated doors and a specially-engineered design that takes air low, pressure, insulation, and other factors into account.
  3. Lead Melters: As the name suggests, lead melters are used to melt lead as well as lead alloys and other white metals. They typically are operated by gas or propane and can contain temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Farhenheit.

There’s much more where that came from but these three pieces of equipment are quite standard for industrial use. And considering that half of all American exports are manufactured products, that 95% of commercial industrial operations use at least one kind of oven, and that more than 3,000 breweries operate in the U.S., heating equipment is important now more than ever!