propane burnersThe United States, despite being mired in a less-than-stellar economy, is actually doing quite well in industrial production. Since 2000, industrial production in the U.S. has increased by more than 30% with more than half of American exports being manufactured goods. One of the major industrial industries here is heating equipment. Most manufacturing relies on heating materials in some way. Without heating equipment, most of the products we use, from plastic to electronics and, yes, even beer, would be unattainable. In fact, 95% of commercial industrial operations use at least one kind of oven — and oftentimes, they use several more!

What are some of these equipment? There are dozens of different pieces of heating equipment but to give you a better idea of what they entail, here are three major pieces of equipment used by several kinds of industries:

  • Propane burners: Propane burners are probably one of the more well-known types of heating equipment out there. They are used to heat a large variety of processing tanks, ovens, and cookers, and can be shaped to heat large, small, square, rectangular, sloping, V-bottom, and other kinds of tanks. Propane pipe burners are especially useful in that they can spread heat across the entire item being heated.

  • Venturi burners: Venturi burners are nozzle burners that use high pressure gas to provide quick and intense heat without the use of blowers, compressed air, or sophisticated piping. Venturi burners are primarily used for metal melting, foundry use, forging, heat treatment, glass heating, and ceramics.

  • Round melters: Round lead melters are soft metal furnaces used to melt low temperature, white and soft metals. They are used for things such as lead melting, sand casting, tin melting, solder melting, and precision casting.

There are many other kinds of hitting equipment out there. No matter what it is specifically, however, they’re all just as important to the smooth functioning of industry.