Choosing the right industrial burners can significantly affect your facility’s safety and efficiency. At Charles A. Hones, Inc., we can help you choose the right burner for your specific industrial use. Here are some factors to consider to help you select an industrial burner: 

Determine Your Industrial Application

Identify the specific purpose for which you need industrial burners. The requirements for burners used in heating applications may differ per application. Burners used in processes like metal melting or glass production can vary in heat requirements, fuel type, and other aspects from burners used in food production and processing. 

Calculate Heat Requirements

Calculate the heat requirements of your industrial process. This involves determining the amount of heat energy in BTUs or kWs your burner must create to achieve the desired temperature for production output. Understanding your heat requirements helps you select burners with the correct capacity. If you are new to your industry, complete in-depth research on its heat requirements. Contact our team members for help verifying the heat production of each of our industrial burners.

Find Fuel Type

Determine the type of fuel you intend to use in your production process. Common industrial burner fuels include natural gas, propane, diesel, heavy oil, and biofuels. Your choice of burner fuel may depend on availability, cost, and environmental considerations. Consider purchasing fuel wholesale to stock up and reduce the likelihood of running out during your manufacturing processes. 

Evaluate Combustion Efficiency

Look for burners that offer high combustion efficiency. Efficient burners can help reduce fuel consumption, operating costs, and emissions. We can provide combustion efficiency data for our burners to help you make the right selection for your industrial applications.

Note Emissions Regulations

Be aware of local and national emissions regulations that may apply to your industrial processes. Make sure that your burners meet or exceed these standards. This can help you avoid potential compliance issues and penalties in the future. Operating in compliance with these standards can also help your burners remain in good working condition. 

Select Burner Size and Capacity

Select a burner with the appropriate size and capacity to meet your heat requirements. Oversized burners can lead to inefficiencies and increased operating costs. Undersized burners may not provide sufficient heat, adding time to production processes. Determining the type of burner generally used in your industry can help you find the correct burner size and capacity.

Pick Burner Controls and Automation

Modern industrial burners often come with advanced control systems and automation features. Consider burners with controls that allow for precise temperature regulation. Look for burners that have fuel-air ratio adjustments and remote monitoring. Burner control and automation can help improve your industrial processes’ efficiency and safety.

Consider Maintenance and Serviceability

Evaluate the ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts for your chosen burners. Easy-to-maintain burners can reduce downtime and maintenance costs over time. We can provide information on maintenance and other support for your industrial burner at Charles A. Hones, Inc.

Review Cost Considerations

You can determine the future costs of your burner by balancing the initial purchase cost with the long-term operating costs. Be sure to include fuel consumption and maintenance expenses in this calculation. Consider the return on investment over the life of the equipment to determine the burner’s value. Our team members can help you find a burner best suited to your budget and needs. 

Choose Burner Type

Depending on the application, there are various types and sizes of industrial burners. At Charles A. Hones, Inc., we offer the following types of burners:

  • Custom Burners
  • Gas Burners
  • Kiln Burners
  • Pipe Burners And Propane Pipe Burners
  • Radial Ring Burners
  • Raised Port Multi-Ring Burner
  • Rectangular Gas Burners
  • Ribbon Burners
  • Round Gas Burners
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Burners
  • Torch Burners
  • Urn Burners
  • Venturi Burners

Find Industrial Burners at Charles A. Hones, Inc.

Take the time to consider your specific industrial requirements, budget, and local emissions regulations. This can help you select the right burners for your various industrial applications. The right burner can optimize your industrial processes’ efficiency, safety, and productivity. At Charles A. Hones, Inc., we can help you choose the correct equipment for your industrial needs. You can browse our online storefront to see our available burners. Contact us today for more information about finding the right burner for your production processes.