gas burnerThere isn’t much better than coming home from a long day of work and sitting down to an ice cold beer. But how did that beer get made and why is it so delicious? Because most breweries take pride in their work and take each step of the process very seriously.

One of the keys to brewing quality beer is reliable control over the temperature of the liquid throughout the entire process. The vigor of a boil depends completely on how quickly the liquid can reach the desired temperature. In turn this will allow for proper circulation of the mash into the fermentation process.

In order to ensure reliable temperature control, breweries use gas burners that can easily and quickly be increased or decreased in heat. If at any point the burner malfunctions, an entire batch can be ruined. For small breweries the loss of even a single batch can lead to a substantial loss in profits.

With improved technology making the brewing process easier — equipment like industrial gas burners and gas valves — more and more people are starting their own breweries. The American brewing industry even reached a milestone at the end of June 2014 with more than 3,000 breweries — 3,400 to be precise — operating for all or at least part of the month.

With the vast majority of Americans living within 10 miles of a local brewery, you would be hard pressed to find a town that wasn’t stocked full of local beer.

However, Americans are far from the only people who love beer. This beverage is seemingly universally loved, leading to a vast number of different brews being imported and exported. Overall more than half of United States exports are manufactured goods, and a large chunk of that can be attributed to alcoholic beverages.

With so much beer being passed around the globe, you can bet that there are tons of gas burners and baso valves ensuring high quality. After all, people might be much more stressed out without their daily brew.