industrial ovensOvens are one of the less-thought-about, but no less important, appliances that we benefit from on a daily basis. About 95% of commercial establishments use ovens of some kind, ranging from industrial ovens to cooking ovens and everything in between. Whether it’s food, drink, or a product that we are using, at some point there is an oven involved in its manufacture. It seems appropriate to learn how ovens work to help ourselves maximize our benefit from them, yet not a lot is commonly known about the different uses of ovens. This article will distinguish a few of them.

Ovens For Breweries
As of June 2014, there were at least 3,000 bakeries operating in America. Each of these breweries uses ovens as part of the brewing process. Considering the average person is within 10 miles of a brewery at any given moment, it is worth learning about how they do their business. Propane burners and the baso valve are among the components involved in these ovens.

Ovens For Bakeries
There are 2,800 commercial bakeries in America, and at least 6,000 retail bakeries. Of the ovens used by these establishments, many are revolving ovens, which can hold from eight to 32 pans.

Industrial Ovens
Industrial ovens are used to heat objects involved in manufacturing, science and other industrial processes. Industrial gas burners are present in many of these ovens. Industrial production has increased more than 30% in the years between 1989 and 2013, prompting a veritable explosion of ovens used for these purposes.

Domestic Ovens
Besides the familiar kitchen oven, there are other ovens in the average home. Not sure which? How about the backyard grill? 97.4% of those surveyed described grills as the number one backyard feature, making these a common place to find ovens in one’s home.

Ovens may seem familiar and mundane, but there is a lot to learn when you delve into the inner workings of these ubiquitous machines. Got an oven experience you wish to share? Let us have it down in the comments.