Raised Port Multi-Ring Burner

Raised Port Multi-Ring Burner

Large Raised-Port Ring Burners

The Hones model No. V-13 cast iron Raised-Port Ring burner pictured is ruggedly designed for even the most demanding industrial heating applications. Over 70 lbs, 143/4” diameter by 31” long and rated at 232,000 BTUH, this burner is a mid-sized model among five standard large Raised-Port Ring burners manufactured by Charles A. Hones. Outputs range from 50,000 BTUH to 500,000 BTUH, producing intense “Bunsen blue” flames without blowers, gas boosters, or compressed air for combustion by means of highly efficient Venturi air mixers. Because Buzzer Venturis mix a greater amount of primary air through the mixing tube and require less secondary air in the combustion chamber, these burners are ideal for use under kettles and tanks in factory environments.

Hones all cast iron Raised-Port Ring burners are made in the USA. The ports are cast on the burner head, then accurately drilled, producing short blue flames with maximum efficiency and fine turn-down. These multi-ring burners can be set up to operate on either natural gas or propane. Pilots, flame safety shut-off valves, and other combustion control valves such as those pictured on the V-13 are readily available to customize the burners for individual requirements.

Raised-Port Ring burners supply gas heat for tanks, kettles and furnaces for a variety of industrial and commercial applications from metal melting to micro-brewing. Common applications include cleaning tanks, hot rinse tanks, black oxide tanks, quench tanks, food processing, low temperature salt baths, pre-heating, heat exchangers, boilers, and flame treating.

The raised port ring burner is a heavy duty multi-ring burner. Each round gas burner ring segment comes equipped with its own Venturi and shut-off gas cock. They are ideal for industrial settings in which resistance to high ambient and radiated heat is required. Can be used for melting metals (lead, tin, solder, babbitt, zinc) or for heating, evaporating, or cleaning tanks. Five standard sizes are available from 50,000 to 550,000 BTUH. Special sizes up to 1,500,000 BTUH can be made to order.

Photograph shows V13 raised port ring burner equipped with no. 50 cast iron pilot and shut-off, solenoid with bypass, and safety valves. Rated @ 232,000 BTUH. Base list price is $3,296.


  • Lead, zinc, aluminum, and tin melting
  • Die casting furnaces
  • Kettle heating
  • Cleaning tanks
  • Evaporators
  • Salt bath furnaces
  • Marquench and black oxide tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Micro brewing
  • Pre-heating

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