Charles A. Hones, Inc. is an industry leader in industrial and commercial heating solutions. Established in 1911, we provide expert solutions whether the heating needs are small or very large. Our “Buzzer” ring burners are known to perform under even the most demanding industrial conditions, safely and efficiently. Our range of ring burners covers a spectrum of applications, both commercial and industrial.

Radial Ring Burner

This burner is aimed at serving all commercial and light industrial heating needs. The technical expertise we put into making this burner ensures that it outlasts and outperforms all our competitors’ products when resistance to elevated temperatures or radiated heat is a necessity.

This burner serves a number of different applications with the same efficiency each time. The product comes equipped with a stand made from cast iron, a pilot burner and safety shut-off (100 percent) valves. These ring burners sport a unique slotted head design. This innovative design makes sure that the flames are always uniform and short, thus increasing overall efficiency. Our design specifications also allow for the use of these ring burners in applications where only limited vertical space is available. A simple orifice change enables the conversion for use with different fuels such as low pressure natural gas or propane gas.

The many commercial and industrial applications of this product include use in boilers, processing of food items, tank and kettle heating in factories, lead and metal melting processes, quenching, flame treating and micro brewing. The base list price of this product is $638.

Raised Port Multi-Ring Burner

In contrast with the above model, this is intended for more intense industrial heating requirements. Rugged in construction, this is a heavy-duty burner featuring multiple rings. Each ring segment has its own shut off and Venturi gas cocks. It does not employ any gas boosters or blowers or compressed air to produce exceptional Bunsen Blue flames. It does so only via extremely efficient Venturi air mixing. Even this burner is made entirely of cast iron and features safety shut-off valves. However, it also comes with other valves that serve combustion control purposes, which help in customizing the burner for individual applications.
A number of different industries prefer this burner for a variety of applications, including the melting of metals such as tin, aluminum, lead and zinc, the heating of kettles, tank cleaning, salt bath furnace processes and micro brewing. The base list price of this product is $3,296.

So whatever your commercial or industrial heating requirement is, buzzer ring burners will always ensure high productivity and efficiency. At Charles A. Hones, Inc., we also specialize in many other heating products that are well regarded in the market for their high quality and technical excellence.