Torch Burners

Venturi High Pressure Nozzle Burner

The Buzzer high pressure nozzle burner offers a powerful and efficient torch flame using high pressure gas (1 PSI and above). It can operate on natural gas or propane to provide quick and very intense heat without the need for blowers, compressed air, or complicated piping. Our all-cast iron natural gas burner units are ideal for metal melting, foundry use, forging, heat treating, glass heating, and firing ceramics or pottery.

Photograph shows our VNB 200-HP high pressure nozzle burner rated at 390,000 BTUH at 10 PSI gas pressure. Packaged unit includes Baso safety valve (100% shut-off), Buzzer no. 50-HP cast iron pilot, sensor, needle (adjustable flow) valve, and 0-30 PSI gas pressure gauge.
Base list price as shown is $1,005.


  • Singeing
  • Flame treating
  • Pre-heating
  • Ladle/crucible and asphalt heating
  • Glass melting
  • Heat treat ovens
  • Foundry equipment
  • Metal melting
  • Ceramics and pottery
  • Annealing

Venturi high pressure nozzle burner at work: a series of photographs of our VNB 125-HP in use at a foundry to repair a die casting furnace in which the pot had failed, emptying metal into the combustion chamber. In such a repair, it is important to remove all metal from the combustion chamber before a new pot is put into service.

Over 300 lbs. of zinc and dross were removed in the process pictured using the VNB 125-HP as well as a small VNB 50-HP at the drain spout to keep the drain open. (After all the metal was removed, all of the inside brick work was scraped with a hacksaw blade and was then vacuumed. The chamber was then re-sealed with Grefpatch coating.)

Photograph one shows a VNB 125-HP being used to melt zinc, dross, and flux from combustion chamber.

Photograph two shows a close-up of the burner re-heating the zinc metal so it can be removed and the furnace repaired.

Photograph three shows metal and dross being removed with a fabricated scraper to “push” the metal out through the drain hole in the bottom of the furnace. It is a two-person job!

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