Venturi Air Mixers

The Buzzer Venturi air mixer operates efficiently on natural or propane gas to produce a hot blue flame. Our Venturi is recommended by natural gas companies, service technicians, and propane suppliers and equipment manufacturers because it is durable, efficient, and simple in design.

It inspirates a greater amount of primary combustion air through the mixing tube, requiring less secondary (make-up) air in the combustion chamber. A very high rate of efficiency is obtained, producing the hottest and quickest heat without a blower.

With more than a dozen standard sizes (all made of rugged cast iron), the Buzzer Venturi is the time-proven answer to all of your heating requirements.

Plain Air Mixer

The Buzzer plain air mixer is made of rugged cast iron and can be used on either propane or natural gas to produce a hot blue flame. Since 1911, our plain air mixers have found frequent use supplying gas heat for pizza and bakery ovens, rotisseries, cookers, BBQ’s, scalders, boilers, steam tables, and a variety of light industrial applications.

As one of the top gas burner manufacturers, we take pride in offering products industrial manufacturers and commercial businesses can rely on for quality and durability. View our Buzzer Burners Catalog to see our complete line of items.

Pipe Burner with Venturi Air Mixer

Buzzer pipe burners provide a simple and efficient way to heat a large variety of processing tanks, ovens, and cookers. They can be used to heat large, small, square, rectangular, sloping, V-bottom, or any specialty tank. Pipe burners provide a very uniform heat source, spreading the gas flame over the entire length of the item being heated.

Photograph shows a 2″ diameter x 36″ flame length (6″ flame height) pipe burner with Venturi air mixer, 90O ell, cast iron legs and pilot, and safety valve (100% shut-off type). Base list price is $953. Same burner with a 72″ (6′) long flame is $1,184.